Suhrs Folk High School

Suhrs Højskole is a Folk High School in the middle of Copenhagen – we care about food, culture, gastronomy, health and good ingredients.

As a foreign student at Suhrs Folk High School you must be prepared for the fact that all teaching takes place in Danish. Therefore you must be able to speak and understand Danish to a certain degree.

Suhrs – Food for Thought

If you attend a course at Suhrs Højskole you will gain fundamental knowledge regarding food, raw ingredients, consumption and gain the necessary timing of food preparation and grip of the kitchen. Furthermore, you will gain insight into various fields, such as health and sustainability and in order to create a sound framework for your life.

At Suhrs Højskole you will have mandatory classes five days a week in the time period of 8.40 to 15:30.

We have four main fields of study on the long  courses:

  • Foodtrends
  • Gastro
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Urban Gardening and Self-suffiency

All students choose two of  above fields. In addition we offer a vast array of other subjects as well as lectures, joint classes, outings, cultural café evenings, parties etc.

These are  additional eclective subjects you can choose from:

  • Foodlab
  • Communication
  • How to Bake
  • Physical Exercise
  • Green Gastronomi
  • Cakes and pastry
  • Entreprenuership
  • Wildness
  • Philosophy
  • Music
  • Speak out!


We also have common activities or theme days for all the students. The subject could be anything from debates to tastings. Here are some of our common activities:

  • World Cuisine
  • Taste
  • Gatherings in the morning
  • Food events
  • Special afternoons or evening, where we invite enthusiasts and experts to tell us more about what they do and what they are passionate about.

The Culinary Journey – Italy Here We Come!

On all of our long courses we go on a 10 day culinary journey to Italy. Before the trip there is extensive research into Italian culinary tradition and culture. On this trip there will be visits to small specialty stores and markets, restaurants and local cooking schools in order to facilitate an understanding of the Italian culture.

Social Aspect – New Friends and Exciting Adventures!

You can choose whether to be a day student (with classes from 9 till 15:30) or you can choose to live at the school as a boarding school student. Regardless of your choice you will be able to eat all your meals at the school and join all social activities.

In your spare time there will be opportunities to take part in various activities outside school hours. The activities depend on the interests of the students and teachers and could for example be a running club, afternoon yoga, cheese and wine club, arts and crafts,  or a film and book club.  There is also a course where you can learn to brew beer!

Contact Information:

If you are currently in Denmark you can always call us and make an appointment for a tour of the school at any time, that is convenient for you.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Practical Information:

The course runs for from 6 to 44 weeks. You can choose either to be a day student, or a boarding school student. There are rooms available for students to live in, in the cozy townhouse besides the school.

You need to understand and speak Danish to attend a course at the school since all of the classes are taught in Danish.


Spring 2018: 7. January – 30. June (25 weeks)

It is possible to choose a shorter course*:
11. March – 30. June (16 weeks)

Fall 2018: 12. August – 22. December (19 weeks)

It is possible to choose a shorter course*:
30. September – 22. December (12 weeks)


Prices (2018):

Day student per week                                                   1.050 DKK

Day student per week (shorter course*)                    1.150 DKK

Boarding student per week                                           1.700 DKK

Boarding student per week (shorter course*)           1.800 DKK


The culinary journey to Italy                                        5.300 DKK

Entry fee                                                                              900 DKK

Folkemøde (only spring)                                                  600 DKK

The total amount covers the price of the courses, the ingredients used, the cost of excursions, materials, meals, and numerous field trips. All students will receive the cookbook “Mad” and an apron.

There will be culinary field trips during both the spring and autumn course. This extra travelling expense will be paid as an extra course payment, with payment being made in three installments. The trip will cost about DKK 5.300. If you choose the course Foodtrends, it involves a mandatory 2 day trip to Berlin. The trip to Berlin will cost 1.200 DKK.

We can in special cases give economic support to students, whose own economic situation would otherwise prevent them from participate in the course. If you curious about wheather or not this an option for you, please contact us for further informations.